Oct 11, 2009

Huntsman Senior Games

I'm kind of embarrassed that I've lived in SG for almost 3 years now and didn't know a thing about this world event. I was lucky enough take pictures there for 4 of the days last week. Here's a few things I want to remember when/if I get to do it again next year:

1. Remember the spots you don't want to be in the long jump or high jump, it's easy to get those major crotch shots
2. Old people really are hilarious, especially those intense "racewalkers"
3. I am pretty anal when it comes to my photos....and they don't allow any editing, or cropping because we print and sale on the spot - directly after each event. Crazy!
4. There were a few moments where I thought, "ya know, doing housework and takin care of my kids isn't a bad job"
5. Michelle, you are the best for letting me borrow that honkin' sports lens! I loved shooting with that thing....and my hand was so sore after that first day.
6. Had never met such a group from Barbados, their were lots there, and they were so nice.
7. A lot of those cute folgs were determined and pushed it, and there were a few I wondered about. Didn't matter though as long as I was getting their good side in the photos ;)
8. I think I wanna be an athlete when I reach 50 or up...not much of one now, but really some of those events were so rad!

**** I'm waiting on getting a picture to plug in here. It's of me in action w/ an "official photographer" T-shirt holding that lens:) I feel like I bonded with that thing. (ps. I was kind of nervous too, being responsible for a lens that costs 4x more than my camera)

What an experience!