Feb 23, 2010

dolled up

Conversation this morning:

me - "morning, Aves!"
Ava - "Mom, do I have school today??"
me - "sure do"
Ava - "well, I feel like being pretty to go"
me - "yeah? You're always pretty"
Ava - "but I want you to do my hair curled and wear a dress"
me - "sure, that will be fun, let's get breakfast and then we'll have a few hours to get you pretty"

And it was fun. No pulling her hair with elastics, barely had to comb through her hair. Maybe we oughtta just throw a few curls in more often. Dress was found for $2 at the DI. We've been loving that place lately =) She has the cutest little friends that have to have a dress, jewelry and bows on everyday, no matter what. She never really cares. Only on certain days? ;)

Oh, and after she was "all ready" she asked me to take pictures of her. "What! You WANT me to? Alright, let's go!" When she looked at them after, she said "Ah, mom, I really love the one of me with the cracker, I'm so funny" Yep. She made me laugh anyway.

Me and Seb are staying in our jammies, and just hanging around today. Feels good sometimes.She slept from 11:00am to 4:30pm yesterday! She peed the bed and slept right in it. Must have really needed some catch up from the entire night lost before.

I've got a few boy photoshoots coming up. I'm super excited!