Sep 20, 2010


it was just one of those days. Didn't get very far with anything... just halfway it seemed - k, maybe not even halfway. I was walking in circles. Do you ever go to put a load of laundry in, then think of something else you need to do (like get a package all ready to send off, that you keep forgetting, besides- don't even make it to the post office anyway. ggrrr! Sorry Scott) so you leave the laundry to get that done, then something else to sidetrack ya, oh then the kids are hungry, ope, it's time to go...wait what!? It's seriously been an hour already!? (felt more like 6 minutes).... and so on..... and then find the laundry 5 hours later with a "oh yeah, I WAS in the middle of that" Blah!

This is a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot. I really want/need to simplify in many ways, or maybe just learn to not get sidetracked so easily. Lol. Anyway, this picture reminded me.

I've got some more I took in Lake Town, that I can't wait to print and hang in the hall or somewhere. Promise, I am working on getting caught up from last weeks shoots! Check back tomorrowish. I hope it's a more productive day.

Title for this pic - SIMPLIFY :)