Dec 21, 2009

December. Low light circumstances

I'm not going to post any from the weddings just yet. But I will say it has been way fun, and good practice...not only with photography but trying to juggle the busyness of things.
There have been a few times where I've felt frustrated with lighting, or lack of lighting....I was trying to practice the other day, and here is what I've decided - I want to be able to get a good/decent picture no matter the circumstances with lighting. It's so convenient and nice to plan on that sweet light when doing controlled photoshoots. But what about all the indoor stuff, and receptions and things at night? The other night I was messing around trying not to use my flash. I also didn't have my tripod, I was really surprised (with a few funky casts) to see that I could get these pictures without using my flash and liked them much better. (the few that weren't blurred. ha!) Anyway, there are ways I assume... just gotta keep playing with them to figure it outThe other thing was, this picture made me laugh. (It actually looks like it could be summer, daughters dress, and heels of coarse. She also had a trial of curlers in her hair) This is a typical view... Rusty waiting and Ava looking.
Here's one of our attempts to getting a family picture taken this season. This isn't the one we used for our cards, but wished I could have made it work. My dear friend Staci S. did such a great job taking pictures though (considering the circumstances - having her family kids there, rotating, trying to do both our families. Whew. It was funny. Thanks again girl =)Wishing you all a wonderful "Christmas week." Hope it's joyful and peaceful, and not stressful! =)