Dec 9, 2009

Very Thankful

Note: I am surely not a writer, but wanted to try and express a few thoughts. Here goes nothin out of somethin:

I was thinking lately, with thanksgiving and all...about things I am grateful for this year. One big one has been, everyone who has let me and pushed me to practice and grow in photography. When I started out, I really just hoped for good pictures of my kids. It brings me a feeling of fulfillment to freeze time and enjoy them through my lens. Never would have guessed I could be so comfortable behind it, and with people I just met...You've all become good friends, and I'm so lucky you pick me and trust me to capture you, your families, kids, brides, babies etc. I'm passionate about it, and can't wait for another year of growing and experimenting ahead. Way excited and drooling over my hopeful, few new gadgets to go with my camera + some HELP with the business/workflow side of it all! This is more fun than most anything else:) I've used this as my out, my away time to focus on something I truly love. Some days I've felt pretty tired trying to keep up, but never not had the desire to want to get the best results out of my work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, one more thing about photography. (wish I wasn't so cheesy about some of this) In all honesty though, I didn't know I could see such simple things be even more beautiful than I noticed them before. What a world we live in. My camera just helps me find those things even more around me.
...and because it doesn't snow often here...