Dec 22, 2009

red pajama contest

Well, I rarely enter any sort of contests....but I got an e-mail with a list of giveaways to winners of a "holiday humor photo contest." Hope this fits in that category. I thought it was pretty funny? I was trying to get them all (including the dog) on the edge of the they were not cooperating I bribed them with suckers. A lick per still position. Sebs face is great - she knows she's not supposed to share with dogs. lol. Then, Ava dropped her sucker in Rusty's jumble of fur, it was all downhill from there. BAD idea mom. Anyway, wish me luck....even the 6th place winner gets something good. I'll let ya know and if I don't get squat, probably won't let ya know.

Done editing for the Christmas break. *sigh...