Mar 10, 2010

quick convention trip

There and back. I went with two photographers from around here. They were so fun! We stayed at the MGM, where it all was. We did leave it for a few hours to hit the Cheesecake Factory. Didn't know really what to expect of the whole show, and I think I left feeling great, kinda confused, way motivated, a little overwhelmed...and now I've got to get ordering a few things: huge prints, large albums, maybe an upgraded camera and lens. eek, and lots & lots more stuff. Oh, maybe a web-designer, a house cleaner, a dish and laundry doer. ANYWAY, they did have a lot of cool things. Fun to see them, and actually feel the products. I want to fill my walls with canvases right now, this very minute. I want to go sale all our furniture in a room and give it a total makeover into a studio, my very own studio. One photographer there said, "don't keep thinking about it just do it. If you know you'll do it eventually, why not just do it now?" Okay! Love problem, how do I pay for it all? =)