Mar 24, 2010


It was one of those feeling really good days and my kids have barely whined at me the whole day, days. I finally got started on one project for the moment around the house. Well, I taped and sealed off the girls room to paint (that's a big step =) and I got some of my white canvases out to let the girls use their touch and put some of them in their room. I think it will be fun when it all comes together. Also, I set up in the garage and borrowed our friends baby chicks for some pics. I'll post one favorite for now
This looks a little frightening, a 2 and 4 yr old with acrylic paints. They actually did great with it, and seriously sat there for over an hour working on them. I am in love with their finished pieces, can't wait to show you (I'll wait till they're on the wall)