Mar 23, 2010

Southwest Vision

Our eye doctor and good friend had me take pictures of this nice office of theirs. My favorite part about this place are the manican heads and the beaded wall.

(sorry, this doesn't have a thing to do with the pictures, just thought I'd throw in something kind of funny, and typical I think) It was a bit of a crazy morning - getting up at 6:00 on a Saturday, juggling around to trying to get our yard sale ready before the die hards got there, then as we were all settled, I ditched it because I was so excited to go shoot this office. The morning light was awesome. As I was leaving I shut the keys in my husbands trunk, woops, so I got to sit on the curb and wait a bit for a generous ride, while my husband tried to sale our stuff for way more than they were worth. lol. Not really, but sort of. (then by the end of the sale, it was "sure we'll go down in price, yep, even lower...just take it".

Like I've said before this is like my out, something I really really's hard to consider it work. Thanks Doc's and staff, you have a great team there at your office.